Apr 022012

Track by Track analysis, by Stef Purenins.

1. Turn on the Ghosts 02:07   
A short electronica/spoken word track. The music was all programmed in by hand, and then vocals were recorded. Extra female parts were added through a FAWM collaboration with Catherine Harris, who does music here.  It’s all about a fictional theme park adventure in France.
2. Say Collide 02:32
Another song written during FAWM (February album writing month), and consisted of me writing the music and the chorus, and then getting the brill Elie Howe (formerly of sheffield noisy pop band Pockets Filled With Matches) to write and sing the verses. It’s a song about colliding!
3. So So Scared 02:17   
Again, written during FAWM, this was a song all about the future, because the future is always amazing and terrifying at the same time.
4. EXP 03:44 
This one time, I finally got a decent microphone for recording, and I recorded everything on this track with said microphone. So clean! The vocals were all made up and recorded on the first take, so they’re patchy, but still quite nice.  
5. We Fixed Amazing 02:40   
Still on a high from getting a lovely new microphone, I thought I’d go for a track with a quiet dynamic, that would then burst into life, like someone putting a grenade inside a music box and throwing it at a guitar.
6. These Dragons (Are Unfinished But End On A High) 03:23 
This track is still unfinished to date! Would you like to finish it? Go on! I’m quite happy with all the bababa’s in this one. It’s a builder.  
7. Hush Hell Yeah 03:26  
One time I managed to save up £50 of library fines by accident. This is about that, and manages to be crazy catchy at the same time. 
8. All Of Our Videogame Memories 04:37  
I tried to write a standard pop song, like somethine from High School Musical or something. This is what happened, it’s still an enjoyable listen, and the closest you’ll find me writing a full on top 40 hit. Maybe!
9. L’interlude Un – Never Sure 03:22 
Pretty film music I made for an imaginary sideproject, music to lull yourself to sleep with  
10. My Precious Time 02:27  
I had a hook line, I ran with it. Went for a straightforward indie rock feel. 
11. Science Club 02:28   
I had an idea, before the Complaints EP idea, to do an EP called “Science Club”. It kinda got forgotten about the next day, but not until I’d written this math-pop track.
12. Never Alone 03:21 
It’s good! (I’m without speakers and will revisit this)  
13. Plans 02:35   
It’s good! (I’m without speakers and will revisit this)  
14. Playing Game, Hurricanes 03:19  
There’s a bit at the end where everything speeds up and ahhh it’s good. A song about how Sarah is amazing at Monopoly, and just lovely in general (mushy) 
15. My Ghost 03:48   
Ukulele math-pop. Harmonies everywhere. Actually awesome. I’m not even being modest here, I’m really happy with how this came out.
16. It’s Only Life (Daylight Version) 02:05 
Spoken word track,


From February at the start of 2011 to pretty much the end of the year, I recorded and uploaded demos to teamforestowls.tumblr.com.

This is a collection of those. Some eventually got fleshed out into the Complaints EP, but I felt like I couldn’t not share all of these as well. Enjoy!


released 25 October 2011
Music and Words by Stef Purenins, except for;Singing on Track 1 by Catherine Harris
Words and Singing on Track 2 by Elie Howe
Singing on Track 3 by Stephanie Harrison
Singing on Track 7 by Deborah Linden
Words and Singing by Track 8 by Stephanie Harrison
Apr 012012

LHR 021

Recorded over the course of 2011, this 5 track release is a perfect little energetic snapshot of teamABC.

A physical CD release happened, tell your friends


released 29 November 2011
All words and music by teamABC:
Stef Purenins – Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Twinkly bits
Steph Harrison – Vocals, Synths
Ben Forrester – Vocals, Drums
Rich Armitage – Guitar
Sarah Graley, Nick Packer and Michael Banahan – Additional group vocals
Dave Priest – Bass on “Tornado”

Recorded and Mixed by Stef Purenins
Mastered (Masterfully) by Liam McShane

Mar 272012


the natural progression from FIRE EP.

and a bit more catchy too, like.


released 30 August 2010
Music, words, recording, production and artwork by Stef Purenins
Female yells and singing by Elie Howe
CD release (sold out)
Click below to view an informative graphic about the physical version of this CD
Jan 032012


This was the second demo record that teamABC put together, and was recorded over a month of late nights in the university studios in Warrington. It’s a mixed affair, somewhere in between Los Campesinos and Brand New. Definitely worth a listen.

It’s like the sound of a pop musician who only works at night. Or something.

Things Stef wished he’d added to this record – Strings, and girl vocals.



released 30 June 2008
Everything by Stef, in between 10pm and 3am



Jan 012012


The first teamABC release, and the first Lightningheart Records release!

Released as a free download from www.lightningheartrecords.com, and as a CD with stickers that was limited to 50 copies.

All four tracks were recorded in my bedroom during my second year of university. Scrappy production, but it has a definite charm to it. My first time getting a girl to sing on my songs too, something that I’ve been doing ever since. Nice.



released 30 April 2008
Stef Purenins – Music, lyrics etc
Mia Lovatt-Wilde – Girl vocals