Apr 152012
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Sonic the Comic, a collaboration between Stef Purenins of teamABC fame (hi, that’s me!) and Sarah Graley of Sarah Graley fame, have just released their first EP, entitled Felt Tip Zoo.

It’s a free download, or a (SOLD OUT!) limited edition/26 (a-z) CD from http://sonicthecomic.bandcamp.com/album/felt-tip-zoo-ep, have a listen, and see if the cover you want is still available, at time of writing there are only 5 copies left! Each one also comes with a trivia fact that may or may not be true. Bonus!

Here’s a bit of trivia – the first CD to be purchased was the Unicorn cover, and it was bought at the unofficial “launch show” with Ace Bushy Striptease and The Middle Ones at the Labour Club in Northampton. On Friday 13th no less!

Bonus facts! Let’s see, IDST was the first song we wrote together, almost a year ago. Always Leaving was a song Sarah put on a mix cd for me, and it was by far the raddest track on there  (the rest were still top), and Ghost For Life is about this time I made up a story where Sarah died and got awesome powers (she was a ghost with a shark puppet as a hand), but she was just annoyed that I killed her off in a story. A REALLY GOOD STORY THOUGH.

EDIT! Super bonus fact, the last CD to go was to the fantastic Sinead, who got S for Snail, S for Sonic the Comic, S for Stef, S for Sarah! S!

Check out each one of the unique handdrawn covers below.

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